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My Journey to Entrepreneurship
Debbie Donaldson
Founder & CEO
Working for other businesses for more than 25 years was fun, exciting and gave me a strong desire to start my own company...but I did't have the courage to step away from a regular paycheck and health insurance. 

When I was a single mom raising two kids it seemed too risky. Then I found positions working for entrepreneurs who recognized my drive and rewarded me by sharing their knowledge about how to build profitable businesses.  They gave me the security and freedom I needed so I helped them build 7 and even 8 figure revenue generating businesses in publishing and media. 

They called me their "interpreneur." My passion is developing unique marketing strategies and systems for generating leads that convert to sales. Since I am good at it, I was also paid well for the successes I brought the companies that employed me. 

But my desire to start my own company helping others succeed in bigger ways finally won.
In 2018 I started a company dedicated to communications about better health, greater wealth and lasting relationships. I even published a book about personal strengths, Superpowers Activated, and began speaking at business and community events.

Very quickly I learned the people most interested in what I know are entrepreneurs and because of my past experience, they were much more curious about my marketing, sales and leadership expertise. 

Because of this I began working on better and different resources for entrepreneurs interested in accelerated, profitable, enjoyable business growth through better marketing, sales and leadership resources.

I'd like to offer you a free copy of my new book SALES FUEL.
"Build the Business and Life You Crave!"
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